Math / Science Tutoring Prices

My math and science tutoring rate is $35 an hour. If 4 or more hours are booked each week, the rate is $30 an hour. This helps families or those that need a lot of tutoring get a little bit better rates. For those who book two or more hours with me each week, I allow until the Sunday following the sessions for payment. For clients that are once a week, payment is due on the same day as the session.

I can also provide homework for each session or weekly in the form of worksheets if you would like additional practice for yourself or your student. This extra service is an additional $5 per session or homework given. We can go over any homework problems that were difficult at the next session. This helps give a better gauge of where you or your child are at in terms of understanding what I am tutoring. I hand-select the work, which is a little time-consuming, hence the additional charge.

Course Completion / Homework

More information about this category is in the services section. For course completion or homework/test assistance I offer a flat rate of $35 an hour for any work I complete. I am usually fast and efficient at completing assignments for most subjects, especially math. I can typically complete the work for a college class in 2-5 hours weekly, depending on how fast-paced the course is.

Cancellation Policy

I have had many issues with cancellations in the past, so I now have a policy that you must cancel or let me know you do not need a session at least 48 hours in advance to give me time to try to rebook the opening. If you let me know within 48 hours, such as the day before or the day of, a $20 cancellation fee will apply, which is equal to around half of the session cost.

Accepted Forms of Payment

The primary form of payment I accept for my services is Zelle. Zelle is a platform that only requires a bank account to use and does not charge any fees for transfers. This is what most of my clients use to pay me. My Zelle is linked to my phone number, (951) 287-6496 and the name on the account is Andrew Mcilroy. I also accept Apple Pay to my phone number. If you do not have either of these, I accept Venmo as a last option, to the username @usamathtutoring and my name there is Andrew Hernandez

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